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What is Consciousness Healing?

Consciousness Healing is about being aware of all your emotions, their triggers and your reactions. Your subconscious mind is a vast library of everything you have learned from the time you were born. Your heart is the entrance to your healing.

Diseases start when your body is out of balance with to many unreleased thoughts and emotions. These can also be part of karma or agreements made before your birth to help heal your surroundings.

Everything is energy and vibrates to a different spiritual tone. Thoughts and emotions of low energies will create an impact in your inner world. Thoughts and emotions of high energies will empower it.

Energy patterns are created either in a positive or negative way according to your perception on what is happening in your environment.

What is Perception?

Perception is how you sense and internalize events surrounding you. How you view the whole scenario and how you choose to react to it.

When events surrounding you become obstacles, your perception on the event is based and worked through your subconscious which associates the event with something in a similar view in earlier time.

This type of perception is base on FEAR and creates a negative reaction towards the event, as it may activate victim hood within you.

Opening your heart towards the same event dissolves the fear and allows for your perception to acknowledge similar events in the past which gives you a enlighten view of the actual event.

This in turn brings understanding and compassion within your perception making the event clear to your inner world view.

Ghislaine is very excited to
shed Light on Consciousness!

Coming soon Ghislaine (Jiss-len) will describe and explain emotions, thought patterns and how to change your perception and start healing.

She will also provide healing sessions to help you rid of unwanted energies that no longer serve you and remove obstacles over shadowing your wisdom.  This will empower your healing and allow you to be in control of your own life.

Throughout the past 35 years, Ghislaine has attained the Consciousness Knowledge and mastered the understanding of emotions, thoughts, their patterns and the energies carried within. She is a very gentle, compassionate being and without judgement brings her clients into an Enlighten State. The Divine Light and Angels work with her Inner Light in order to bring knowledge to this planet which is also growing in her own illuminance.

More Coming Soon!

•   Awareness of your emotions
    (fear, anger, sadness, envy, victim, unworthiness...)

•   How to handle emotions

•   Dissolving triggers

•   Finding your balance
    (love, joy, happiness, abundance, gratitude, worthiness...)

•   Understanding vulnerability

•   Opening your heart

•   Loving and accepting who you are

•   Resolving and letting go of drama

•   Connecting to your higher powers

•   Connecting with mother earth

•   Guided meditation

•   Healing sessions and offers

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